WW2 Hoy and Scapa Flow - corinnefudge
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WW1 Pier, Lyness

Beautiful buildings in the background - under threat of demolishing to make way for the expansion of the renewable energy testing centre - Pelamis, tidal and wave generation. Believed to be WW2 military fabrication and testing areas. This pier is believed to date from WW1 and the martello tower beyond the pier, dating from the Napoleonic wars. There are a number of such towers; indicating that the northern harbour of Scapa Flow has long been strategically important. Together with the finding of Viking harbour areas around the coastline, Orkney clearly has been a vitally important maritime base for millennia.

I'll always remember this image for the fact that I stood on an old strut in the water to photograph part of it. The strut slowly but surely cantilevered over, depositing me rather gracefully into Scapa Flow, until I stood, armpit deep in the sea with the camera held high above my head...